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     We started M2M four years ago originally as a young men’s group. However, we soon realized that that mission was inconclusive. By only focusing on our young men we were leaving an entire group of adult men to fend for themselves. We could and should be doing so much more.

     I truly believe that whatever issue you see in the world today can be positively affected by engaged, Christian men. Men who accept God’s calling and seek His will in their lives. We need to equip or men and mentor our young men into whom God is calling us to be. This belief has led us to refocus our mission and to define strategies to accomplish that goal.

Man to Man Mission:

To encourage and equip ALL men to recognize and accept God’s calling in our lives

We use three techniques to complete that mission.

    #1. Social Interaction. Social events bring us together as men, doing fun things and proving that being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be clean-shaven and smell nice. You can have fun and do fun manly things and still be a man of God. That’s how we were created. Adventurous and maybe even a little dangerous.

     #2 Spiritual Enrichment. We do this by events such as our Engage Men's conference. We also include devotions at each of our social events and we post regularly on our website blog. We also take a special focus on our young men during our annual young men’s retreat. This is a two-night weekend adventure where we cram as much fun as we can into a weekend and then add in several doses of spiritual lessons and end with a worship service outside of these church walls.

    #3 Service Projects. We’ve built wheelchair ramps, raked yards, and cleaned up brush. The need is great in our community for men who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. But the benefit of service is not just to those receiving the help, it's for those doing the work as well. It may sound odd, but a hard day’s work next to some of your closest buds is really satisfying.

     These three tactics will encourage us all to stand up and engage the way God is calling us. We need men who are willing to step out of their comfort zone a little. Men who will raise their eyes higher for inspiration. God isn’t calling good men, He’s calling willing men. Men who are willing to serve him and do His will.

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