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M2M Service Spotlight #1 – Service Project Team Leaders

We are starting a new series in this blog called M2M Service Spotlight. Each month we will highlight a volunteer opportunity either in our group or another opportunity where men are needed to make a difference. This first month I am going to highlight a need within our group.

Because service projects are one of the tactics we use to equip and strengthen our men we want to do more. Not only is it a beneficial way for us as men to grow closer to each other through the camaraderie of hard work but the need for service projects are great in our community. In order to do more, M2M is in need of a few men willing to help as project team leaders.

The anticipated role of a team leader will be to work with myself to decide which projects to take on and to plan service projects. This includes helping to determine the scope of work, the most economical way of completing the project, the budget and the number of volunteers needed.

The number of projects would vary. As a project team leader, you would decide how many projects you would take on. NO projects will be forced onto you. You control the time you want to invest. Ideally, M2M would like to have a list of several team leaders that would have the opportunity to choose which ones they can tackle.

The act of recruiting volunteers, purchasing or providing the materials and other logistics will be shared by other leadership. There are no special skills needed. You would choose the projects that you feel comfortable leading. There are no regular meetings. There is no set length of service, you can step back whenever you need to.

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to help out but still needs the flexibility of of helping on their own schedule. If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer need, please contact for more information.

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